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"Overtime is part of your regular job", "not all of your hours were approved", "the company can't afford overtime right now", "salary employees don't qualify for overtime", "you are a contract employee- not a regular employee", "your tips are your overtime", "the company needs everyone to help off the clock", "during this season we are all skipping a lunch hour", "this company is exempt of FLSA law", "if you don't agree with your pay then just leave."

In the United States there exists a federal law to protect an employee and his wages called the Fair Labor Standard Act or (FLSA). FLSA establishes what is minimum wage, overtime pay and child labor standards in a full time or part time work setting. This law simply protects a worker so that he may receive pay for hours paid, and overtime performed. It does not matter if it is in construction, manufacturing, retail, the service and hospitality industry or in agriculture- all workers are protected under FLSA. The law also protects workers here in Texas or any other state in this country.

Fair Labor Standard Act or (FLSA) protects a worker so that they may receive pay for hours paid, and overtime performed.
Even in the situation where a worker is undocumented or in the United States illegally a worker is protected by FLSA that if he enters a working agreement with an employer, that employer is required to pay the full wages owed for work performed. Many times have unscrupulous employers taken advantage of undocumented workers playing on threats of deportation or reporting them to the authorities. These draconian strategies are illegal and are not permitted with the help of a good attorney who understands your rights as a worker.

The Law Offices of Michael M. Guerra understand the law and how to help employees who have been illegally under compensated or wrongfully fired regarding a no-pay situation. The Law Offices of Michael M. Guerra will help you if any of these most common situations apply;

  • minimum wage is not being paid on an hourly basis job,
  • tipped employees are not earning at least minimum wage as an average per hour,
  • hours over 40 per week are not being paid at one and a half times an employee's regular hourly rate.

Contact the Law Offices of Michael M. Guerra if any of these situations have applied to you and you will receive a free consultation. You only have a limited time to make a proper FLSA claim against your employer. Attorney Michael M. Guerra will make sure you get the money you are owed and that your employer does not retaliate against you.

Call us at 855-MY-WAGES (699-2437) for your free consultation and remember that your immigration status will not work against you.

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